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In an effort to better serve our clients, Racin Homes is teaming with Graceland Portable Buildings to offer another line of quality and yet affordable Living and Storage Solutions. For Brochure click here.

Portable Buildings

Offering Smart Storage Solutions

10 Reasons why you should Choose a Graceland Portable Building®

* Graceland uses only the finest building materials. Our buildings are manufactured with skilled Mennonite Craftsmanship. (The finest in the business.)

*Graceland uses 2x6 floor joists rather than 2x4 and makes the building more DURABLE and STRONG. This wood is treated to resist termites and decay.

* Graceland’s walls, floors and 4x6 runners are all constructed of top quality lumber and the nails are hot dipped galvanized ring shank. They hold like screws and will not rust.

Graceland’s walls and floors are 5/8” thick. Compare to our competition at 7/16” or 1/2”.

* Graceland’s metal roofs are fastened to wood decking and screwed down solid, not on 1x4 wood slats. This makes the roof much more durable.

* Graceland’s metal roof comes with a continuous roof vent running the full length of the building, designed with a screen to keep out pests (bugs & bees etc.)

* Graceland buildings also come with our patented “Continuous Soffit” vent under each eave. This is a “Graceland Exclusive”. This keeps our buildings 10-15 degrees cooler in the summer.

* Graceland buildings meet all international building codes. (Codes vary by region.)

* Graceland buildings have the strongest warranties in the business. All shingle and metal roof products have a 25 Year Manufacturers Warranty. All treated wood products have a Limited Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty, and

* Graceland offers a 7 year warranty on workmanship.

* Graceland also offers the best RENT-TO OWN / LEASE-TO-OWN program in the business. “NO CREDIT CHECK”.




Racin Homes is dedicated to providing Quality Living & Storage Solutions, Priced Competitively, with Good Service after the sale in everything we sell.

We are committed to:

* Quality

* Value

* Service

These are the key ingredients to the success of Racin Homes.

Optional Radiant Barrier. With this option, the building will stay 10°F to 15 °F Degrees Cooler in the summer.

24" x 36" or 36" x 36" Optional Windows

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